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Venetian plaster - The luxury finish

Undisputed the Top decoration of all the time. Venetian Plaster ( also known as Polished plaster or lime plaster ) succeeds "despite its four thousand years" to fascinate, still today, many admirers that due to a series of characteristics that make it a unique product all over the world. Venetian Plaster is a decorative product that is used to create the famous Venetian stucco technique. This classic and ancient decoration enriches the rooms succeeding in giving a refined, elegant style with soft or strong colour tones. One of the main features that distinguishes Venetian Plaster is to make surfaces completely smooth, shiny and lovely to touch.
It's a complex and fussy technique, generally performed by a professional master painter.
It's made with lime putty, calcium carbonates, additives and an impalpable marble powder. 

Its qualities are:
* 100 % Ecologic & Natural
* Breathable and Water Resistant
* Smooth and soft
* Shiny giving you the illusion of deep

This luxury decoration add value to your property and it makes walls and ceilings a piece of art.
It's easy to find it in wet area, bathrooms and showers, thanks to its excellence anti mould and breathable qualities. 

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