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18 years of passion

Venetian Paintings began in Italy in 2000 with the project of creating luxurious surfaces and walls out of the ordinary.

Being born one hour drive far from Venice it was impossible not to be exposed to and be passionate about all the beauty and craftsmanship of Italian art and since the very beginning the founder Claudio Pesci decided to specialize in Italian decorations to create exceptional results that are always one of a kind - no job is like the other.

Claudio studied and experimented ancient and new techniques such as Marmorino, Venetian Plaster and others Italian decorations and his jobs included, but were not limited to, hotels and some of the most luxurious homes in the north of Italy.

“My favourite part is seeing the finished result. I always try to get the wow factor and feel very proud when my work is completed” Claudio explains. “Each project has their own style and no wall is the same. I am always changing and evolving to new techniques, striving to improve my work”.

After 13 years of expertise, Claudio moved to Australia where he keeps experimenting the Italian techniques using high quality and 100% ecologic materials, imported directly from Italy.

Nowadays Venetian Paintings is able to create Mediterranean finishes that range from classic to modern but always delivering an exceptional result all the time.

Why choosing us?

We are authentic

100% Italian products and Italian techniques done by an Italian master painter.

We are natural

We pride ourselves in using only ecological, eco-friendly, breathable and water resistant materials.

We are reliable and meticulous

Italian are known as hard worker and fussy people who create products that are famous all around the world for their prestige and excellence.


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