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Marmorino & Venetian plaster

These two decorations are really similar, both 100% natural and ecologic, water resistant, anti mould, ideal in wet areas and can create smooth and texture surfaces. They are Italian classic decorations that bring luxury in your house and make unique every room adding value to your property.

The difference between Marmorino andVenetian plaster is the technique that the master painter use to apply them, and the final effect on the wall.

* The Venetian plaster is a lime-based wall decoration, very smooth, is applied to three overlapping coats and finally polished with a trowel and then one coat of wax on top of it. The final effect is a wall of shaded colour can give you the illusion of deep, shiny mirror finish.

* Marmorino is also a product based on lime but it has inside the mixture of inerts (sand) that characterize this product. It is generally applied with two coats and one coat of wax on top of it. The final effect (unlike the stucco) is more uniform but at the same time nuanced colour. The finish is slightly more opaque than Venetian plaster.

Have a look at our Marmorino and Venetian plaster galley to see how they look like


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