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What is Marmorino ?

The Marmorino is a very old material able to make the rooms very elegant and unique. It can create smooth and texture surfaces on walls, ceilings and columns. The coating made with Marmorino is nothing more than a particular type of  plaster obtained by mixing the slaked lime and the Carrara marble powder, hence the name Marmorino. Its origins are very old, in fact this plaster, dating back to the '500, was the most used element to make decorations inside the most ancient Italian palaces. Being mainly used for its beauty its function was mainly decorative, in fact it was not used for any structural use. We find it often used in modern architecture with a function similar to stucco ( plaster ), and it is possible to find it for the realization of friezes, mouldings, decorated plinths, reliefs, capitals and so on. Modern architecture makes extensive use of Marmorino, especially for covering bathrooms, living rooms, to make facades, feature walls and decorations in general.

Characteristics of the marmorino. 

Contrary to other plasters made industrially with synthetic products, Marmorino is an almost 100% biocompatible compound. This means that in case of divestiture it is 100% recyclable.

Why Marmorino ?

* 100% Biocompatible, natural and ecologic

* Washable, mould resistant and breathable

* Classic and elegant 

* Can create smooth and texture surfaces

* Recall the Mediterranean style giving you a sense of relax and peace

Have a look how Marmorino Classic looks like in our gallery


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