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What is Venetian Plaster ?

Venetian plaster is a masonry covering for interiors, which enables a decorative finish - the only one of its kind . It produces a reflective, highly polished plaster finish, also described as a mirror or marble finish. It create a stunning smooth surface with the illusion of depth and texture. 

It's useful when you are looking for a unique decorative finish and effect that recalls the " stucco " in the ancient palaces of Venice. From here obviously, the Venetian Plaster name. This coating can also be applied to other architectural elements, not just on flat surfaces, but also on columns and curve walls or ceilings. Venetian plaster is also known  with other names such as polished plaster, lime plaster, stucco veneziano, polished stucco... we are always talking about the same product, which is obtained from a mixture of lime putty, aerial lime and water, marble powder. In reality this technique was already known in antiquity, from the time before the birth of Christ. But in Italy it arrived much later, in Venice in an era already advanced around in the eleventh century, to be used as an ornamentation technique to be applied to houses that needed this finish to protect the walls from humidity comes from the sea. This technique is still used nowadays by many artisans to carry out work in apartments and premises of various kinds. Thanks to the application of Venetian plaster, in fact, a glossy finish is obtained for the walls, with a relief effect given by the various layers that are applied.

Nowadays, with the term " stucco veneziano ", we are still going to indicate both the original technique, the one that included a minimum of 6 coats applied and put in place by the master decorators of the past, And  than, the current one, used today by the artisan painters that reaches a maximum of 3 coats plus polished. It should be pointed out that compared to normal painting, the use of Venetian plaster can ensure the surface to which  is better to breathe, thus limiting the usual problems such as mould and condensation; moreover, as mentioned, the aesthetic impact is totally different and goes to offer a prestigious finish. A mix of functionality and aesthetics: a dye that is much more durable than the others, particularly resistant to humidity (it was not by chance that it was used in Venice, where the humidity problem is paramount) and requires only periodic maintenance intended as cleaning with a dry rag. A rather complex product to be created, whose preparation is entrusted by a professional.

Why Venetian plaster?

* 100 Natural and Ecologic

* Water resistant, anti mould and breathable

* Elegant and luxurious

* Suitable for every style 

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